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An ancient mansion recently restored, Palazzo Sgroi creates a romantic, poetic and charming atmosphere. It is located in Laureana Cilento , known as the “Country of the Lords” because of the many noble palaces, including that of the Duchess Luisa Sanfelice, famous for being the heroine and martyr of the Neapolitan revolution of 1799 and of whom Alexandre Dumas Sr. narrates in the novel “La Sanfelice”. Palazzo Sgroi housed the Sanfelice family’s Police which, from this strategic position, controlled the center of the medieval village. Ancient ‘agora’ of the country, it used to be the way of soldiers heading to Jerusalem for the Crusades.


Hotel Sgroi rooms offer our guests an atmosphere of elegance and tradition, while being equipped with all comforts. The breakfast room, the restaurant, the bar, the courtyard and the garden will make our guests’ stay unique. Our guests will enjoy the tranquility of the village and also relax in the solarium area. In the historic cellars within the hotel, our guests can visit our ancient oil mill, one of the best preserved in Cilento.


Laureana Cilento is a charming medieval village built around the ninth century, at an altitude of 450 meters on the hills overlooking the Gulf of Salerno, with the island of Capri on the horizon. It is located in the National Park of Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni.

Such a quiet and relaxing location offers those who discover it an unforgettable travel experience, where all the senses are involved. The territory is intoxicating with scents, colors, flavors and intense emotions, with the sound of birdsong warning us of the sunset and waking us up every morning. Cilento’s Blue Flag Beaches can be reached in less than twenty-minute drive.


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